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Whole Life Chiropractic offers Spine wellness, back therapy, Acupuncture and full spine adjustment. Patients might wanter what exactly do these treatments entail, will they hurt, how often do I need to have them and what can I expect. Let’s start with back therapy. Back aches and sore backs and overall lack of spine wellness are a common problem among our patients that is why back therapy is so important. But what exactly is back therapy, this includes proper body posture techniques for sitting, standing and Lifting the reduce the liklihoodof back strain or injury. Back therapy is a treatment that can be continued long term. The thought of acupuncture might frighten some people, however acupuncture is proven to be a safe and effective method for treating various aliments. This involves inserting very thin needles into various depths into strategic points on your body. The number of acupuncture treatments various depending upon your rate of improvement. This treatment provides short term relief to chronic back pain. Full Spine Adjustment is on of the most common treatment options in chiropractic care. This must be performed by someone who is trained and licensed to perform full spine adjustments. A full spine adjustment focuses on your whole body resulting in increased mobiity and reduced pain. This treatment addresses misaligned and aching joints with a variety of chiropractic techniques. Full Spine Adjustments can last nine to ten weeks. However, depending on injuries and activities that can vary. Whole Life Chiropractic offers caring treatment options that include back therapy, acupuncture, and full spine adjustment in order to ensure Spine wellness. Spine wellness is important is important because a healthy spine enables us to do everyday tasks and movements. Spine wellness literally impacts your overall health since every cell in your body is controlled by your central nervous system.

Payment In Our Office

Thank you for your interest in Whole Life Family Chiropractic! We hope to be serving you soon! As a note, our office is currently an out of network provider with all insurance companies. Therefore, we are a self-pay practice.

Reimbursement Option

For possible insurance reimbursement we can provide you with a “superbill” which may be submitted to your insurance company. This typically works best if you contact your insurance provider regarding your chiropractic benefits.


We offer a variety of discounts for family visits and Medicare patients. We also offer a military discount to our servicemen and women. Contact our office to learn more!

Forms of Payment

We accept payment in the form of cash, checks, major debit/credit cards, flex spending/HSA cards, and Apple, Samsung, and Google pay.

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For questions regarding our service prices, family discounts, Medicare discounts and/or questions regarding “superbills”, please feel free to contact our office and we will be happy to assist you with more details. Thank you!

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