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Dr. Kelly is a Pediatric Chiropractor who specializes in Infant Chiropractic Care and Kids Chiropractic Care. As a Pediatric Chiropractor it is important to discuss the benefits of Infant Chiropractic Care and Kids Chiropractic Care. Most people or parents would not even consider chiropractor care for their children. As a Pediatric Chiropractor, Dr. Kelly can treat a wide variety of aliments from basic aches or pains to reocurring ear infections. Most people would not even consider that Infant Chiropractic Care is a speciality. Infant Chiropractic Care can treat issues like Breastfeeding, underdeveloped Digestive system, acid reflux, misaligned spine and ear pain and infection. Many parents see a dramatic improvement when utilizing Infant Chiropractic Care. Children of all ages can benefit through care of a Pediatric Chiropractor who also specializes in treating older children. Because children are always playing and running they are susceptible to minor injuries that misalign the spine. Kids Chiropractic Care can treat a variety of issues that occur during childhood. Infant Chiropractic Care and Infant Chiropractic Care can work to support the immune system, This is very important especially during the winter with viruses running rampant. Consistent sleep is always a concern for parents a Pediatric Chiropractor can help. Seeking Infant Chiropractic Care and Kids Chiropractic Care can help to improve sleep patterns which leads to improved overall behavior. Infant Chiropractic Care and Kids Chiropractic Care can help with improved brain development and early stages of development. An experienced Pediatric Chiropractor can provide treatment for a wide variety of aliments that traditional medicine does not address.

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Restore Pelvic Health & Wellness
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Dr. Riana Taktikos, PT, DPT
Dr. Taktikos is Warren’s pelvic floor physical therapist helping men and woman treat various pelvic floor conditions. As a mom of three with three different birthing experiences including both C-sections and vaginal birth after C-section, Dr. Taktikos has utilized many of her own techniques to treat herself and “restore” her own pelvic floor. Dr. Taktikos has been practicing pelvic floor physical therapy since 2018, has mentored with clinicians at UH and Cleveland Clinic, and has taken various training courses including vaginal and rectal examination/treatments and is a pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist. Dr. Taktikos takes a whole body holistic approach to treating pelvic floor conditions and is very passionate about improving her patients’ daily function.
Dr. Taktikos has three young children and loves spending time with family and friends. Dr. Taktikos is an avid runner and weight lifter and enjoys being outdoors.
Dr. Taktikos can treat various pelvic floor conditions including vaginal or rectal pain, tailbone pain, constipation, urinary leakage, urinary urgency, abdominal separation, C-section or vaginal delivery recovery, labor/delivery prep, SI joint pain, among many other pelvic health conditions.
Stephanie graduated from Youngstown State University with her nursing degree in 2008. She spent her nursing career with Akron Children’s Hospital, where she was able to provide lactation support along with nursing care.

After facing challenges during her own breastfeeding journey, Stephanie became determined to help other mothers experience the joy and benefits of breastfeeding. Certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, Stephanie specializes in supporting oral function and working with infants with tongue-tie.

Believing in a holistic and evidence-based approach, she’s dedicated to offering individualized care tailored to each family’s unique needs. Outside of her profession, Stephanie loves fitness and the great outdoors.

Pediatric Chiropractor, Infant Chiropractic Care, Kids Chiropractic Care
Lactation Consulting
Stephanie Simon, BSN, RN, IBCLC

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