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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Kelly Yergan is the proud owner of Whole Life Family Chiropractic, LLC in Howland, OH and is excited to start serving patients in the community!

She was born and raised in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She was home-schooled throughout high school and advanced in her academics early on and started to take college classes her junior year of high school. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Health Sciences from Logan University, located in St. Louis, MO. She continued her education at Logan and earned her Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree in 2019.

Dr. Kelly has extensive training and much hands-on experience. She enjoys practicing a vast amount of chiropractic techniques such as: Thompson, Cox-flexion and distraction, Diversified, Logan Basic, and Activator.

Dr. Kelly strives seeing people live life at their upmost potential. She is passionate about seeing bodies heal and recover without the use of drugs or surgery and believes that by aligning the spine, the body is positioned to serve itself and grow to a state of health through natural processes and its highest optimal function.

Dr. Kelly is passionate about helping all people, in all walks of life, through chiropractic care. However, she takes special interest in the care of expecting mothers, infants, children, and adolescents. In addition to her chiropractic education, she has advanced her education in the care of the pediatric and pregnancy population through the International Chiropractic Pediatric ICPA; in which she is a certified ICPA doctor.

Dr. Kelly is a devoted follower of Jesus. She is happily married to her amazing husband, Joseph, who pastors in Boardman, OH. Together they are proud parents to their son Zachariah and their Yorkie-Poo, Kyro.

Meet our Administrator

Juleah Ewing is the Chiropractic Assistant for Dr. Kelly here at Whole Life Family Chiropractic. She was raised in New Bedford, Pennsylvania and currently resides there. She graduated from online school in 2016. After high school, she attended ministry school and graduated in 2018. Juleah is a dedicated follower of Jesus and attends church in Coitsville, OH where she serves on the worship team and in the cafe and bookstore. She has a passion for music and released a CD back in 2015, called Boundless. In her spare time, she enjoys being with family and friends, taking trips to Cedar Point, and attending church functions. Juleah is excited to help assist Dr. Kelly in chiropractic care and to help make this an enjoyable experience for each patient.

Pediatric Chiropractor

Our staff specializes in care for your kids. As a pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Kelly not only helps adults but kids and infants as well. Together with our other staff members, we focus on both kids chiropractic care and infant chiropractic care. Through a series of methods and practices, Whole Life Family Chiropractic will take care of your whole family. Contact us today.

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