Throughout every stage of life, the human body experiences many types of “stressors”, which can come from accidents, trauma (physical/emotional), environmental toxins, stress, etc. “Stressors” can negatively impact our spine and nervous system. The nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord and controls every other system and function in our body!

Think of your body as having a dimmer light switch. Your body is built with endurance and will continue to adapt to having less than perfect nerve flow and reduced nervous system function until it cannot adapt anymore, and symptoms occur, usually the last symptom being pain. When symptoms occur, this is typically what convinces a person to visit their chiropractor.

But what if I told you it does not have to be this way! You may not be experiencing any pain yet, even though you have been exposed to some form of “stressors” throughout your lifetime. However, you may notice stiff muscles or less flexibility or limited range of motion.

Eventually your body will let you know that it can no longer take it on its own – meaning it needs its full functioning power, which is where a chiropractor comes into play!

Let’s examine your spine before you start feeling the effects of the daily wear and tear! Let us help keep you in perfect health and motion, from birth to your golden years!