Breastfeeding is “A beautiful bond like no other”. But it’s just not that simple for some… Your baby’s body has 22 bones in the skull, 34 joints, 34 voluntary and involuntary muscle movements, all under the control of 12 cranial nerves. All of these need to function properly in order to be able to breastfeed successfully. Chiropractic can help!

Imagine when you sleep in a weird position how hard it is to twist and turn. The same goes for your baby – leading to issues post-delivery. Incorrect position in utero may cause your baby’s muscles to become tight and lead to limited range of motion in the spine and cranium after birth. Pregnancy adjustments ensure your baby has optimal space for growth and encourages your baby to take his or her proper position in utero in preparation for birth.

95% of newborns have misalignments in their spine after birth, causing discomfort. These misalignments may cause issues with feedings, reflux, colic, ear infections, etc. Correction of misalignments in the spine and cranium can help with these issues, as well as preventing the use of a helmet and encouraging proper milestone development.

Chiropractic adjustments for babies are gentle and safe! The pressure on the spine during birth is significantly greater than that of an adjustment. Chiropractic should be your first choice, along with a lactation consultant, to make a difference in both mom and baby’s breastfeeding experience!