Just think about it, if it is important for our nervous systems to be functioning at 100%, then wouldn’t it make sense for a mother to have a balanced structure and nervous system during her pregnancy? Getting regular adjustments during and after pregnancy can ensure optimal function for the mother, not to mention many other benefits for mother and baby during each of the following phases:

Phase #1: Pre-conception: Studies have shown that chiropractic care for both mother and father help with balancing hormone levels, regulating menstrual cycles, and restoring proper nerve supply to reproductive organs. Chiropractic care also helps to structurally align and prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy. Chiropractic may help with conditions such as hormone imbalance and infertility. By having an optimal functioning nervous system, the human body is capable of doing what it was designed to do!

Phase#2: Pregnancy: Throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, a woman’s body is constantly changing. During pregnancy, the hormone, relaxin, is produced. This particular hormone helps to “relax” ligaments in the mother’s pelvis and spine to accommodate the developing and growing baby. Therefore, a mother can undergo many postural changes throughout her pregnancy.

These rapid postural changes can cause many side effects and may put strain on the mother’s spine and nervous system. The most common side effects include back pain and leg pain that woman typically experience during pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments for pregnant women are gentle, safe, and effective. Regular care throughout pregnancy ensures a balanced pelvis, spine, and a fully functioning nervous system for a mother and her developing baby.

Phase#3: Labor and Birth: Labor and birth put a high physical demand on both mother and baby. Studies have shown that chiropractic care throughout pregnancy may result in a shorter and less traumatic birth process. Chiropractic adjustments focus on adjusting a mother’s pelvis and spine during pregnancy, which not only benefits her during pregnancy, but also helps with the birth process! Ensuring proper nerve supply throughout the body can help a mother’s body take control during birth; with well- timed contractions and a balanced pelvis and spine, this can provide ease for the baby to exit the birth canal.